Are you having a difficult time trying to lose weight and gain muscle? Many people try to get in shape but are confused on whether they should focus on reducing their weight or building up muscle.


Here we'll discuss the proven tips to take, if your looking to burn fat and get that muscular physique. If your goal is to lose weight, you have to understand that muscle is more dense then fat.


So if you're following a muscle building program, you'll likely end up weighting a bit more then you'll expect.


For example..

A guy that weights 170 lbs that doesn't workout, compared to a 170 lb weight lifter. You will see physical differences in their physiques, even at the same weight class.

Basically the best way to look healthier is not to worry about what the "scale" says.


Weight is just an arbitrary number. Instead, your main focus should be on to what the mirror is "saying" back to you.


Here are some helpful tips for you to lose weight and gain muscle all while focusing on building a healthy physique.


Don't Follow Trendy Diets


If your goal is to get in shape, look great and keep it, then trendy diets is something you must ignore. Trendy diets or fad diets are not for serious people who are looking to permanently change their physiques.


Some studies..

Even experts agree that some of these fad diets are neither safe nor a smart idea.

Although these diets may help lose fat for some people, but many times its only temporary. The thing about fad diets is that it’s short lived, as “new fads” keeps rolling out, it throws the rookie "dieter" out of sync. And if you become dependent on these trends, you’ll always be on the lookout for the next latest and greatest.

Make It a Lifestyle


The best option is to start making your diet apart of your lifestyle.


This is the fool proof plan to helping you get in great shape and keep you looking young & healthy for many years. Because if you honestly want to change your life and live our best life ever, then you must adapt a lifestyle that’ll provide you that avenue.


Dieting doesn't need to be stressful. Dieting doesn't need to suck.


Building a solid diet takes time, and you should slowly incorporate healthy eating principles into your life.

Focus On Building Muscle Mass


The best way to lose weight and gain muscle is to focus on building up more muscle mass. Lean muscle mass is dense tissue, making them more metabolic.


And by increasing your lean muscle mass production you're creating muscle tissue that burns more calories.

That will allow you to eat more, all while keeping your midsection slim.

High Intensity Training


You should also follow a plan that teaches you high intensity training. This is probably one of the most effective training techniques to help you burn fat.


But be sure you are healthy enough to pursue this type of training because its advanced. This training requires higher levels of athletic ability as well as a well conditioned body.

Bottom Line


The take home message here is that if your looking to lose weight gain muscle, then the best method is to focus on building muscle mass.


Know that weight is just a number, an irrelevant number.


If your goal is to look muscular and solid, you'll want to increase your lean muscle mass production because that'll give you that desired, sculptured look.

How To Lose Weight Gain Muscle - Key Methods To Getting Results

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